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Human Interest interviews that explore the moments when we knew everything was about to change.  When I Knew welcomes listeners to see life through someone else's eyes for a little while. 

When I Knew is hosted by WYSP's CEO, Samantha and Modern Family's Dana Powell, and this show airs the first Friday of every month.

When I Knew: Light bulb Moments airs the third Friday of every month and is hosted by Samantha and CorBen J. Williams. 


Listen to all of season one below or join us on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts and Radio Public.

When I Knew I wanted to be a Professional Dancer & Teacher

Raeleen fell in love with dancing at a young age when she would join her parents at the Town Center for Square Dancing.   She was exposed to different styles through community theater, but it wasn't until she left her corporate job that she realized her potential to become a competitive dancer, a dance teacher and now, an owner of a successful dance studio.  Join Samantha and Raeleen as they discuss her story, inspirations, the costs associated with competitive ballroom dancing and the legacy Raeleen hopes to leave behind. Instagram: www.instagram.com/_wheniknew_

When I Knew I am Gay

Our very own CorBen Williams joins Samantha to share his story of celebrating his sexual orientation. The two discuss everything from coming out to family and neighbors, dealing with classmates and a no nonsense look at dating in the Gay Community.  Learn more at www.wheniknewpodcast.com and @_wheniknew_ on Instagram.

Light bulb Moments: Growing out of Friends

It happens to all of us - We live, we learn and we grow out of friends. In this episode, Samantha and CorBen share personal stories of moments when they knew their friendships that seemed built to last proved they weren't. Money gets in the way, new romantic relationships change the dynamic and a clash of ethics can be the difference between BFF's and practically strangers. The lesson? It happens to all of us, it's normal, it's natural and there's always an important lesson to learn.  Learn more at www.wheniknewpodcast.com and @_wheniknew_ on Instagram. Rate and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and favorite us everywhere else. 

When I Knew I Had Chronic Illness

On this episode we meet Sarah who has been living with illnesses like, Sjogren's Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Depression, and Anxiety for the majority of her life. Tune in to hear how she copes with these illnesses and what day-to-day life is like for her.  Learn more at www.wheniknewpodcast.com and @_wheniknew_ on Instagram.

Light bulb Moments: Constructive Criticism 

In our new mini series, "Light bulb Moments" CorBen and Samantha sit down to discuss all of life's teachable moments and how they lived through them. This week, it's all about constructive criticism.  The hosts share stories, compare and contrast and offer a path forward from one of life's most important skills. To learn more, join us at www.whateveryousayproductions.com @_wheniknew_ on Instagram

When I Knew I Have Schitzoaffective Disorder

Samantha sits down with Scott who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Autism and OCD for an intimate, open and honest interview.

When I Knew I Had Been Sexually Assaulted

 Dana and Samantha welcome "Silvia" to the show to discuss how the Kavanaugh Trials and her daughter's recent rape resurfaced memories she thought she had suppressed for good over 40 years ago.  In this powerful episode about bravery, forgiveness, and the how a violation of such magnitude can stay with you long after it's happened, we hope our listeners know there is hope, there is help and there are millions of people around the globe who believe you, understand you and support you.  To learn more about how you can receive free, confidential help local to you, go to www.rainn.org

When I Knew I am Transgender

 Jason knew from a young age that he was born in a body that didn't suite what he knew to be true, but it wasn't until his early 30's that he realized that she is not Theresa. He is Jason and this is his story.  Samantha and Jason discuss his journey in chronological order and look at what it means to him to be trans from a personal, academic and scientific standpoint.

When I Knew I Wanted To Adopt

When I Knew I wanted to Adopt features one of our hosts, Samantha and her mother. Join us to hear about their journey to becoming a family.

When I Knew I Wanted a Career as a Drag Queen

On this episode of “When I Knew” we meet the fabulous Fifi DuBois, a stunning drag queen working in New York City. Explore the world of drag with Fifi and hosts, Samantha, Addriana, and Dana. They discuss everything from hair and makeup tips, embarrassing anecdotes, the hardships along the path to becoming a drag queen, and advice for young drag queens out there!

When I Knew Music Would Save My Life

On this episode of When I Knew, the hosts welcome Laura Dowding to the show. Join us as this talented singer/songwriter walks through her journey to owning her craft and turning it into a full-time career. Not without its challenges, Laura shares how she overcame personal hardships and leaned heavily on friends and family to fight for her creative gift. Laura proves to be a warm, thoughtful, quirky woman whose success is not lost on her. We’re delighted and proud to welcome Laura to the show with all original music by the artist.

When I Knew I wanted to join The Military

Join Lainey, a Navy HM2 to learn about what led her decision to join The Navy, how it's changed her and what she wishes more people knew about serving the country.

When I Knew I Had Cancer

On this episode, Nicole walks us through her cancer diagnosis that came out of nowhere and changed her life forever.

When I Knew I Was An Addict

Samantha and Page take you through their friendship in chronological order and explore Page's struggle with addiction and how it impacted their friendship for better and for worse.

This episode is explicit and because this deals with drug use, it may not be suitable for young children. We do hope our listeners will join us with an open mind and find something worthwhile in stepping into someone else shoes for a bit.